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Meet Vanity Dawson

Making A Difference (M.A.D.)

Published by: RallyUp Magazine

Serving 8 years as a Veteran, in 2016, Vanity Dawson found her strength to actively speak at local and state conferences and trainings. Throughout her career, she delivered interactive presentations on interpersonal violence and suicide awareness. Vanity is on a lifelong mission to help women heal from

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” ~1 Thessalonians 5:11

trauma and empower them to tap into their infinite God-given potential. She is a Speaker, Trainer, Victim Advocate, Coach, Author, and devout believer of Christ whose resilience, compassion, and dedication have all earned her the reputation as a service-centered leader. As the Founder of Delicate Flowers Inc., a non-profit mentoring service, she has dedicated her service to mentoring youth and young adult females. After enduring adversity early on in her life in the fire of childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, and maneuvering through the foster care system, she truly understands what it is like to feel helpless and even hopeless. However, through her faith in God and unwavering perseverance, she overcame the darkness and stepped into His light and has been empowered to share His light with you.

Flowers in the Garden Conference Description

We are thrilled to be introducing our inaugural Flowers in the Garden Mother Daughter

Conference & Masquerade Ball! The conference will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

in Arlington, VA on October 1st-2nd, 2021. This conference will offer impactful speeches,

interactive exercises, worship, vendors, a book signing, panel Q&A, and a formal masquerade

ball and banquet. Understanding the critical role, a mother plays in a young girl’s life, Delicate

Flowers Inc. Founder Vanity Dawson designed this conference for mothers, mother figures and

daughters who desire to strengthen their relationships with each other. The trauma mothers

experience can be passed down generation after generation, and we are eager to break this cycle. 

Speeches will cover a variety of topics including but not limited to protecting their mental space

by setting boundaries, appreciating the uniqueness of their mother daughter relationships,

embracing the mother figures in their life, self-reflection, building a support system, managing

parents’ expectations, and the importance of forgiveness. We’ll cap off the conference with a

masquerade ball and banquet. Attendees will have the opportunity to dress up in their beautiful

gowns and celebrate the success they’ve made in their relationships and each other with a formal

dinner. We want the mothers, mother figures, and daughters attending to create memories they’ll

cherish forever!

RUM: What birthed Delicate Flowers?

VD: I always knew I wanted to help girls, but I never knew how I was going to. I started helping girls

by a simple action we tend to take for granted sometimes and that’s spending time” with them.

That was something simple as taking a walk with them and talking about God and life. I thought

I needed a lot of money to start Delicate Flowers but that wasn’t the case. I needed a vision,

mission, time, commitment, and most importantly, God because He is the one who birthed

Delicate Flowers.

RUM: Why am I so passionate about helping young girls?

VD: “I’m passionate about helping young girls because every girl deserves support and love. That

may be as a parent, mentor, teacher, friend, auntie, or whichever category you fit in. Growing

I didn’t have the relationship I wanted with my mother and that affected my self-esteem, my

relationships with others, and how I saw myself in the world and in my purpose. Fast forward to

the life of adulting, I desire to see girls not only discover their purpose but boldly walk in I,

receive the love they deserve and understand they can have a strong support system. God has

called me to pour love into the hearts of these girls and I choose to do it with joy.

RUM: Why do I refer to them as delicate flowers?

VD: I refer not only to my girls as delicate flowers or flowers, but the women around me as well

because we are God’s flower in His garden. He created us precious in His site and we shouldn’t

be treated any way. Just like what flowers need to grow and thrive, girls need love, nurture, good

soil, healthy seeds, and fresh living water; all the things to sustain them. When Delicate Flowers

was birthed, I created this poem as a reminder:

Delicate Flowers

A florist cares for her flowers.

She must water them,

feed them,

trim them,

make sure they’re in the proper setting,

and overall treat them.

Flowers come in various forms,

but they all need quality care.

They are delicate; fragile, but beautiful,

fine in texture and wonderful quality.

They must be treated with care.

Contact Info:


IG: @Delicateflowersinc

Facebook: @Delicate Flowers Inc

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