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Terrance Williams

MAD (Making a Difference) Feature

Published by: RallyUp Magazine

Exclusive interview with Terrance Williams, founder of Meta Wellness a company that builds virtual reality simulations for mental health professionals. Terrance is also an active men's mental health advocate and public speaker. He speaks on the state of men's mental health, depression, and relationships. For more information follow him on Instagram @terrancewilliamsvr.

RUM: What does mental health and wellness mean to you?

TERRANCE: Mental Health and Wellness are as important as physical health. It is the constant battle our minds face in our everyday lives. Mental Health and Wellness are about getting people to be the victor, not the victim, in their battle.

RUM: Tell us about your work related to mental health and wellness.

TERRANCE: My company builds virtual reality platforms for mental health professionals. We have built one-on-one sessions, group therapy, exposure therapy, and more. Our work helps put people in an environment where they can see the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains or relax on a beach in Costa Rica. The interactive platforms we build help get people to overcome phobias like claustrophobia or help patients who have schizophrenia. Our platforms tackle every mental health angle, and the results have been amazing.

RUM: How has Meta Wellness changed telehealth?

TERRANCE: As technology grows, so will how we use telehealth. Not too long ago, the internet seemed like a dumb idea, and now it's a part of our everyday lives. As of now, telehealth is done with Zoom, and being able to have a session in virtual reality is naturally the only next step. The benefit of our platforms is that instead of being on Zoom, you will feel like you are with your client as if you are both in the same room.

RUM: How does your virtual telehealth software help with phobias, mental health, and eating disorders?

TERRANCE: We have done a lot with exposure therapy. We had a client with claustrophobia, so we built an elevator in virtual reality. As you enter the elevator, the walls shake, closing in on you. Being able to control this experience for the client was monumental, and he now has conquered his fear of claustrophobia.

RUM: How has MetaWellness helped with Trauma Informed, Group, and Couples Therapy?

TERRANCE: The ability to see yourself and your peers in a digital state has allowed people to be more open and honest about their experiences and feelings. We see a lot of that, especially in group and marriage therapy.

RUM: Any final words?

TERRANCE: If you're reading this, you are already impacting mental health and wellness. Remember why you started!

We would love to work with you. If you would like a platform visit us at, and we will change mental health forever together!

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