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Meet Tysheira Maddox

Tysheira Maddox is a Philadelphia native who has received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Phycology at Eastern University and Master's in Social Work at Temple University. While having to navigate adulthood with few tools and guidance but managing to survive, she created Leave Inspired, Inc to provide Coaching and Consulting services to service Black individuals and communities. Her vision is to provide schools, colleges, and communities with psycho-education workshops and programs to educate them on mental health awareness and utilize the eight dimensions of wellness to cope with the stressors of life in a healthy way. Tysheria is dedicated to helping Black women, emerging into adulthood, over-com self-limiting beliefs and execute their life and career goals. Knowing that the 20s are difficult to navigate because there are life skills needed and guidance while transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, he provides Coaching to assist with the heavy burdens of navigating adulthood. Her passion for mental health developed from her lived experiences of seeing it firsthand in her family and deciding that she wanted to help Black individuals with the mental illnesses to get the education and treatment needed to still live a fulfilling life. With her own struggles of depression, anxiety, and PTSD she advocates endlessly on her platforms and business to ensure that Black individuals and families overcome barriers of metal illness in their lives. That there is still hope and a greater meaning to being alive. Having a mental illness does not make one less of a person or have less potential. It may present as a speedbump or speedbumps on their journey but it is not the end to what can be a meaningful life.

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