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Meet Eleasa Du Bois

"Your will to win must be bigger than your will to whine!" ~Eleasa Du Bois

Eleasa Du Bois maintains the will to win! After trying several weight loss programs with minimal results, she was determined to continue not to give up her quest to lose weight and get healthier. 10 years ago, during her most successful weight loss transformation, Eleasa was inspired to share with other women her keys to release unhealthy weight along with limiting beliefs and debilitating mindsets that often keep us in overweight prison. Her mission is to enlighten, educate and empower women to get healthier, reclaim their authentic confidence and get their true sexy back!

RUM: How old were you when you experienced your first darkest moment? ELEASA: My Dad transitioned when I was 13 years old. We were very close. It took me a very long time to grieve. As a child who lost a parent, there were so many things to process. Back then, you didn't automatically go see a therapist when you were dealing with such a life changing episode. I didn't really grieve until 2 years later, but I learned a lot about myself during that time. RUM: When did your healing journey begin? ELEASA: I had been overweight off and on during my childhood and adult life. On January 23, 2010, I made a deliberate and intentional decision to begin a weight loss journey that changed my life mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. RUM: You mentioned you've been overweight off and on during your childhood and adult life. How did being overweight affect your mental health? ELEASA: It stole my confidence. I felt less than, like I was not enough. Lack of confidence affected my relationships. I often chose friends that I shouldn’t have chosen. Dating was challenging and I chose not to date a lot because I was unhappy and uncomfortable with the way I looked. I was often in toxic relationships and didn’t have the confidence to stand up for myself and leave the relationship. I felt that because of how I looked, I didn’t deserve more. Lack of confidence made me doubt myself. It also caused me to underperform at work. As I lost the weight, I began to slowly peel back the layers of my fears and build my confidence. We admire your perseverance to lose weight. What advice would you give our readers to begin a healthy weight loss journey? ELEASA: Be honest with yourself about your weight and your health. Losing weight isn’t just about how you look, it’s about having healthy stats to work toward your best health. (Blood pressure, Glucose levels, Cholesterol level, waist and hip circumference (for women). The Ardysslife 2 Step System gave me a snapshot of what I would look like once I actually lost the weight. The system provided a catalyst for me to jumpstart my weight loss journey while simultaneously putting my numbers in a normal/safe zone. The catalyst makes all the difference! RUM:There may be a reader who has thoughts of giving up or having thoughts of harming themselves; what encouraging words do you have for them? ELEASA: You have value! The world is waiting on your gifts to be shared. Remember, "your will to win must be bigger than your will to whine"! Focus on doing the work and making the changes necessary to catapult yourself to looking and feeling your absolute best. Phone: 202-630-8827 FB - Tight Body Makeover IG - @TightBodyMakeover Website:

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