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Meet Tyressa Ty

RallyUp Cover Feature

Published by: RallyUp Magazine

Tyressa Ty affectionately known as Fiyah Tyressa Ty (name given to her by the legendary Charlie Wilson!) Buy the book for the full story…..

Tyressa Ty, seen as unlikely to succeed, is a southern girl at heart. She has been able to weather the storms of life while creating her own “yellow brick road”.

The “FIYAH” is multilayered. She was not given this by happenstance, it was because of the internal glow. She is FIYAH because of her God given gift to inspire, educate, captivate, motivate & mesmerize her audience. Her FIYAH is her own personal “Lion’s Den”. She’s been through some Fire and by the Grace of God has come out unscathed. She is the golden reflection of God’s promise, power and preservation.

Tyressa Ty was up to the challenge before ever gracing a stage & grabbing a mic. Though it seems like she was always in the spotlight as a child it never felt to be in a positive light. Ty often said she was most likely not to succeed….but God! God always over rules man be it in the form of a teacher or a family member.

She took the things that challenged her, often brought on depression, and she turned it into her promise to profit.

She is someone challenged by life’s trials and tribulations, yet she comes through the “fiyah” with a presence, persistence, fortitude, and faith in realizing her larger purpose, and helps others do the same.

She is more than someone who overcomes the odds of being considered someone who will not make it due to growing up with the disabilities of ADHD and dyslexia.

She is more than the loss of both of her homes and livelihood from the storms of New Orleans (Katrina) and from 2 years ago in Baton Rouge.

She is more than someone who is recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

She is more than these challenges which put her on the brink of extreme depression and suicide.

Who is she? It’s more like knowing who she is and whose she is.

She is an alum of Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA, with her MA (Mass Communication) and MBA (Marketing), including her corporate experience as a trainer, sales and marketing consultant, and work in Diversity and Inclusion for some of the top companies (Fortune 500) in the country. She is an award-winning author via her books Follow the Fiyah along with her self-care journal, Matters of the Mind, both of which provide motivation, education, inspiration, and empowerment for all readers.

As the CEO and Founder of Fiyah Entertainment, she works with some of the top artists, covering brand management and more. Working with the likes of (but not limited to) Hip-hop icon Doug E Fresh, legendary producer Teddy Riley, and other artists including Kelly Price, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and Sheryl Underwood (among others), her command and expertise in artist booking, coaching, negotiations, concerts (in-person and virtual), influencer campaigns, and other areas make her a highly respected presence in arts and entertainment. With a track record of projects including (but not limited to) the Essence Music Festival, Trumpet Awards, Tyler Perry Studios 2-day launch series, and Verzuz, her business acumen positions her as one of the more sought-after figures in the industry.

As a featured guest on The Breakfast Club, CNN, and Sheen Magazine (among other outlets), her media presence exudes positive energy and the innate ability to bring people together from all walks of life. In serving as host of her virtual interview series “The Mind Behind the Music” (including artists such as David Banner, Trina, and the legendary Doug E Fresh) and co-host of the All About the Authors roundtable series, combined with being named as one of the “People to Watch” by Rouge Collections Magazine as well as one of its “Leading Lady Honorees” (in 2019), she is a more than outstanding media presence. Her speaking engagements at events including (but not limited to) the wellness training at Baton Rouge (LA) Community College with Councilwoman Chauna Banks, TedX (Ted Talk/Motivational Speaking), and the upcoming (September 13-14, 2021) Mildred Harvey Foundation series, her presence goes beyond arts and entertainment. Likewise, as the founder of Divas and Dolls Worldwide, for the past 7 years (working under the mantra of “Every little girl around the world deserves a doll”), she and her team of “divas” provide holiday cheer in multiple cities across the country, as well as globally.

She is an avid fan of the New Orleans Saints and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

She is an arts and entertainment professional, corporate presence, and community advocate.

She is someone challenged by life’s trials and tribulations, yet she comes through the “fiyah” with a presence, persistence, fortitude, and faith in realizing her larger purpose, and helps others do the same.

This is Tyressa Ty.

RUM: How did you overcome growing up with the disabilities of ADHD and dyslexia? Tyressa Ty:I didn’t even understand it until I left home & went to college. I was just a bad child who struggled sitting still & comprehending so they say! It was when I went to college my English teacher recommended, I go to the doctor & gave me a slip of paper to share with my doctor. It changed my life- the #1 thing was I knew I wasn’t crazy, slow or dumb.

RUM: We love that you do not allow your storms to define who you are; instead, it empowers you, what would you say to someone who is going through a storm at this very moment?

Tyressa Ty: The pain has a purpose! Do not allow a moment to turn into a lifetime! I always say don’t put a period where it should only be a comma. It’s a moment in time, good or bad. I would encourage them to seek counseling & purchase my journal to aid in between appointments. Journaling has been my savior & has helped me through some tough times. See writing allows you to release & heal from part traumas or mistakes. #1 thing-dont ever give up! RUM: How have you been maintaining your mental health during the pandemic?

TyressaTy: I had to ‘horn’ in on all my skills in addition to being the go to person for everyone as a celebrity source for celebs, concerts, celebs connection, collabs, endorsement. I begin creating opportunities! I worked deep in the entertainment industry, and everything stopped! I had been on the road full time as Doug E Fresh Roah manager & just stared on the set of Sunday’s Best at Tyler Perry Studio when the pandemic hit! I worked with Teddy Riley & Swizz & on the initial verses. I assisted DJ Chill Will of the Get Fresh Crew with our booking & other major projects which would keep me busy -Like “Pass the Mic '' where he provided the talent and hosted a few other events. I was staying as busy as I could as I know very well an idle mind is a devil's workshop! I was writing, coaching, & creating self-help classes and tools to help others. Charlamagne tha God was a great resource as well as he kept me motivated through his own Channels & taking time to hit me up & encourage me throughout the pandemic. I did a few virtual shows, interviewed some AMAZING legends during my mental health awareness month series & published a journal- Matters of the Mind! I used my journal to help me when I got depressed during the pandemic. RUM: You just recently received some unexpected news about your physical health, can you tell us about that? Tyressa Ty: Yes, a few months ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was very much unexpected and very much life changing. I had no signs-no clues. I was dealing with a few issues during my showers of feeling uncomfortable after shaving under my arms. I actually thought I’d gotten an infection. After numerous- I mean at least 10 more tests they were not only concerned about one breast, then both, & then lymph nodes- which would allow it to spread in my body! I was extremely afraid when that came about. However, after speaking to a sister/friend & member of my church Ashley; I decided to attend church shortly after in person for the1st time since the pandemic (we were only doing online) my pastor Bishop Raymond Johnson called me up to pray for me. The moment I left that statuary the fear left me too! I will be having surgery to remove both breasts, but I don’t have it in the remainder of my body! I have had tremendous support from my only child Tyren & close friends. God is great. RUM: Has treatment challenged your mental health or faith?

Tyressa Ty: There are times I get frustrated because it’s like my memory is challenged & I will forget things or seem confused. I’m NEVER tired, & It’s like my superpower has left me lol. But the crazy thing is my son says I just move like normal people now lol. I will have moments when I feel depressed & anxiety, but I’ll go look at my pastor Bishop Raymond Johnson & William Bates, and TD Jakes, Pastor T. Sopher, Joel Olsteen, Jamal Byrant & John Gray- I literally watch these pastors like a routine/schedule and they keep me on a high! RUM: It’s the 16th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina which you survived, has Hurricane Ida stirred up any emotions or mental challenges? Tyressa Ty: Absolutely! Typically, I think about it at least once a month! It’s not only the 16th Anniversary for Katrina but 4 years ago I lost everything I owned to the great flood of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, La which is the capital & 60 miles from New Orleans. I had just dropped down in Louisiana not thinking anything but feeling a little anxious. I had 3 major appointments at the cancer center and a meeting with Anthony Hamilton & Eli, as he was scheduled to be in town. As soon as my phone got a signal it went off when the warning of a Hurricane! My appointments were canceled & I was planning my evacuation. I’m like nooo- so I end up driving 13 hours evaluating again. Katrina was so devastating it will always be the foundation of the Hurricane to come- it will always bring back lots of pain & anxiety as we lived through the turmoil of it all from day to day​.​ RUM: What's next for Tyressa Ty?

Tyressa Ty: Omg - only God knows? Lol I am honored to speak & also provide my Self-care journals for Steve & Marjorie Harvey’s Summer Camp in Atlanta Georgia. Do an online training for BRCC Trio A national program. Along with some political official community initiatives and workshops. Other than that, my artist is my heart! Working to keep them revenant, supported & working in a safe environment by way of Fiyah Entertainment. I am looking forward to re-releasing Follow The Fiyah book & journal and launching a new product line in September- Stay tuned I’ve tapped on so many of my gifts as you can see, I'm a resume from corporate to entrepreneur - author etc. I do know God had something super dope in store for me that he will reveal in time. In the meantime- I will be doing less 1/1 consulting & coaching and I will provide online crash courses to accelerate clients to their next level on their dream journey. I am also working on some products that will not only help me but help others stay healthy & relaxed as they go through this thing called life! So, make sure you stay tapped in-you just never know where you’ll see me! RUM: In closing, what would you say to a reader who may be having thoughts of harming themselves or giving up?

Tyressa Ty: I say listen to Mary Mary song- I just can’t give up now! I recommend that everyone has an accountability partner that doesn’t get tired of you! Lol That friend that you can call or talk to everyday- a person that can identify when something is wrong or will be looking for you. See all you need is ONE person to believe in you! One person to encourage you & remind you who you are & who you are when you forget! Most of all remember that if you don’t give up on God, he'll never give up on you! Don’t fake it- faith it! Keep your faith Fiyah!

RUM: Any final words?

Tyressa Ty: Yes, I am so grateful for my son Tyren who is my total #1 hype man! My parents, my cousins, aunt, sisters, brother, GG, special friends & niece Raven. All of my celeb family to name a few - Doug E Fresh, DJ Chill Will, Teddy Riley & Tameka Harris … Thank all of you for being so supportive! Contact Info:

Facebook: Fiyahtyressaty

IG: Fiyahtyressaty

Twitter: Fiyahtyressaty


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