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Meet Nesha Smith

Published by: RallyUp Magazine

Mental Health Warrior

"Everything I seek is now seeking me. I am listening to God and he is always listening to me."

People with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) often live in a state of constant anxiety and worry, which they try to control through creating rituals or habits that bring comfort and Nesha did just that! Pretty Magic Maid Service LLC (PMMS) is a commercial and residential cleaning company that she started in 2016 after being diagnosed with OCD anxiety. Rather than taking medications, Nesha decided to start her own cleaning company as a way to help her cope. Nesha always had a passion for cleaning and keeping things organized because it gave her comfort during her challenging moments.

RUM: At what age was your onset OCD and what were your symptoms?

NESHA: My onset OCD started at age 15 and I would get anxious if someone sat on my bed or if they came over and left their things out of order in my space. I noticed that it got worse after I had kids. I decided to seek help in 2016 when my child’s father and I were living together. It frustrated me when he would try to help because he did not clean the way I would clean. Then when nothing was done, I was also frustrated. I realized then I had OCD for sure. No one wanted to invest in my business, so it took until 2019' for me to officially launch.

RUM: You made the decision to start your own business as a way to cope with your OCD anxiety rather than taking medications which we think is awesome! What helped you to make this decision?

NESHA: I decided to start my own business because I have two children and I am a single mother. When I was first diagnosed, I started taking the medications. However, the effect of the medication was not good while raising kids alone. I would be groggy and pretty much out of it. I realized God gave me purpose and a business plan, so I ran with it. The vision, name, clients, employees, etc. came from God and I am forever grateful.

RUM: Has it been helping so far?

NESHA: As of today, PMMS is still helping me cope. I am looking to hire and then branch off into the cleaning product line. My goal is to have a herbal-infused natural cleaning product line (with CBD) by 2022.

RUM: You decided to not take medication, are you receiving any other type of treatment or using some other methods to cope in addition to running your business?

NESHA: In addition to running my business I have found healthy alternatives to cope. I Pray, journal, I embrace nature, I see a psychiatrist, I am a part of An Intentional Life Club, I am a part of GIRLCEO and most importantly I take time for self-care DAILY.

RUM: People tend to use the term "OCD" jokingly, what are some common stigmas you face? and how does it make you feel?

NESHA: Common stigmas I face:

"You are making me feel bad because you are doing too much" "You are crazy it is not even dirty" "You are bossy and boujee because everything has to be perfect"

When the stigmas are said to me it makes me want to stay to myself. I almost want to say NO to guests and visitors in our home. I wonder why others do not see what I see? RUM: What is one thing you want people to take away from this interview?

NESHA: I want people to know it is okay to have a mental illness. It is not okay to do nothing about it and say you are the way you are! Every single day gives you the opportunity to be better. Every test lead to a testimony.

Contact Information:

IG: @Ms.Nesha_Smith or @Prettymagicmaid_

Phone: 804-485-1055


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