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This issue provides a lot of tips in various areas as it pertains to mental health. It's time to find that healthy balance as we close out the year. From social media, grief, love and health & wellness, to name a few. In our Therapy is Dope section, our editor  Amanda Fludd, LCSW-R provides 4 other reasons why now is the time to get therapy. As always, this issue is filled with some good reads:) Let's not forget about our YOUTH ZONE!!! We had a special tribute to Traeh Thyssen who died by suicide a little over a year ago; due to bullying. Please continue to be a voice for the voiceless, they need us!


We Featuring....


Dr. Nekeshia Hammond


Eleasa DuBois

MHCA (Mental Health Change Agents):

Jason Phillips, LCSW
Alexis Alton, LCSW

(M.A.D) Making A Difference:

Tyshiera Maddox
Royce Jones


Tyeisha Brewers -Fields




Take Care of Your Mental Health!

Know that Better Days Are Coming!

Hold On & Keep the Faith!

RallyUp Magazine Fall 2020

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