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We want you to do more than survive this holiday season; we want you to thrive. If we are going to thrive through this season and not end in a deep depression, frustration or feeling burned out; we have to take good care of ourselves! This is why this holiday issue is filled with tips and tools to help you reduce those things that challenge your mental health and help you find joy this season! Enjoy!



Cover Feature...


Charita Cole Brown was diagnosed with a severe form of bipolar disorder while finishing her final semester as an English major at Wesleyan University. Doctors predicted she would never lead a “normal” life. Despite that pessimistic prognosis and because she sought treatment, Charita went on to marry, raise a family, earn a master's degree in teaching and enjoy a fulfilling career in education. 


MHCA (Mental Health Change Agent)...


Ana'Neicia Williams is the founder of Momology Maternal Wellness Club. MMW Club supports mothers' social and emotional care during preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting. As a licensed Clinical Social Worker in Kentucky, Ana'Neicia is committed to holding moms as they heal their wombs in a safe and supportive space

RUM Vol. 5 Num 3

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