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Our Summer Issue is full of HOT topics. We are talking about those topics most people want to stay away from but needs to be talked about such as, faith & mental health; therapy; passive & active suicidal ideations and postpartum depression. We are breaking the silence around mental health! In addition, we are introducing our "Dear Amanda"... a place you can ask a therapist questions you may have about mental health; however, it does not replace an actual therapist.Get ready to enter the THE BODY POSITIVITY ZONE in our fashion section.


Featuring: Stacy-Ann Buchanan, Keisha Jackson, Rob Brown and Melony Hill.


Warrior Zone Feature: Kayla Sampson


New Sections: Therapy is Dope; Dear Amanda & Faith and Mental Health


And...the Body Positivity Zone!


We Are Taking Mental Health to Another Level!!!


Volume 2. Number 3.


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Rally Up Magazine Summer 19 Edition

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