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In this issue, we are focusing on youth and mental health; although our mental health magazine have mental health awareness for everyone. We are inspiring and educating our youth on the importance of taking care of their mental health. According to American Psychological Association, suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 10 to 33 years old. We need to fight together to reduce the rate! Join our movement to #rallyup2savelives. Start by subscribing! I Fight, You Fight, We Fight Together!


Featuring: Hannah & Charlie Lucas; Founder of the notOKapp; Life Coach SheNesia Ewing; Founder of UncoveringTheNewU. Rene' Brooks; Founder of Black Girl Lost Keys and Special Feature Shelton Myers; 11 year author of children's mental health books.


Warrior Zone Feature: Neta Vaught & Lorelai Symmes


Volume 2 Number 4

Rally Up Magazine Fall 2019 Edition

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Rally Up Magazine isn't a resource for self diagnosis. Our purpose is to be an informative resource for consumers regarding mental health.  And when you shop at Rally up,  all proceeds go back into the production of our magazine & our organization, We Fight Foundation. 

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