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You're going to enjoy this 2nd Men's Edition! We are highlighting men and mental health. Three times as many men as women die by suicide. Often times, men are expected to be the bread winners and to be strong, dominant and in control; which does not leave much room for our kings to sort out their emotions; what they are really feeling. These inherently bad things make it harder for men to reach out for help and open up.  Depression in men have been underdiagnosed. Men often do not disclose feelings of depression to anyone. They refer to what they are feeling as "stress" rather than sadness or hopelessness they are actually feeling. We had an opportunity to interview some great men who shared why mental health is important to them and they provided our readers with some words of encouragement. In addition, our contributing and guests writers blessed us with some more valuable information on MENtal health because  men mental health matters to us.

Dr. Jeffrey Harris



DeWand Hemsley


Mayor Johnathan M. Medlock


(M.A.D) Making A Difference:

Mark. A. Harrison


Kevin Berthia

Fall/Winter 2022

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