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The Change of a Generation

Written by Jaaziah Tompson, 14.

Social media is like a drug to teenagers in this generation. It controls kids and by that, teenagers put social media before their priorities. It is important for teens to learn how to find more productive things to do rather than being on Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc. In our generation everyone including adults are addicted to social media. I see teens and adults on their phone almost every time I’m in public. Also, kids are committing suicide because they feel like they don’t matter to the people who care about them. It makes us feel bad and can be hurtful. It makes us angry and we need an outlet to let our feelings out.

Some parents today are not as responsible with their kids. Teens feel like their parents let them do whatever they want, which shows lack of responsibility. Teens go out because their parents work a lot. For some teens when they are out, they will do things they’re not supposed to be doing especially fighting. The effects of parents not paying attention can result in teenagers going out on the streets and getting into serious trouble. When unsupervised teens go out into the streets they sometimes rob, steal, kill, or fight for attention especially when they are left alone with unresolved feelings. Even I have got in trouble for fighting one time, but I also learned from my mistake.

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