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Meet Jason Phillips

“Life is 90% preparation, 10% execution.”

~J. Phillips

Jason Phillips is a licensed therapist, life coach, and college professor who advocates relentlessly for prosperity and wellness to strengthen individuals, couples, families, and communities across the globe. He has over 10 years of experience in the mental health and coaching profession and is considered an expert in evidence-based treatment and strategic goal setting to foster success.

Jason Phillips is the founder and CEO of Peace & Prosperity Coaching LLC.

Jason’s approach to health and wellness is direct, yet transparent, focusing on building a strong therapeutic relationship to allow you to feel comfortable addressing the core issues causing distress. Jason has worked in many settings throughout his career to include community mental health, college counseling, grief and loss, psychiatric inpatient units, and Department of Defense/VA healthcare organizations.

Jason is a frequent speaker at local and national conferences, podcasts, and mental health forums including nationally recognized Therapy For Black Girls Podcast.

What does mental health & wellness mean to you?

At its core, mental health and wellness means you are taking care of yourself, mentally and emotionally. This looks like being self-aware of what you feel and the thoughts you have on a day-to-day basis. This means that we are assessing not just “what we are doing” but “how we are doing.” Mental health and wellness check-ins are a bit more complex than checking in physically. Our bodies can often really alert us when things are wrong or out of place. However, when it comes to our mental health, we can easily ignore the signs and push through when we need to pause. Hence, why 50% of mental health issues in America go untreated.

Personally, I have learned that taking the time to be honest with how I am doing pays dividends. I encourage others to listen to yourself and block your schedule for YOU. This includes taking time off for self-care, planning activities for yourself that feed your spirit, and working with a mental health professional to avoid any oversight in how you are doing.

You specialize in self-esteem, anxiety and trauma, what are some ways you are promoting mental health and wellness through your area(s) of expertise?

I promote mental health and wellness through encouraging others to express themselves and not put up a façade about how they are doing. In today’s world with social media, we often feel compelled to be who others think we are and not truly be ourselves. Comparing ourselves to others creates unrest, shame, and inappropriate amounts of sadness, leading to an increase in anxiety and depression because of what I call the “comparison syndrome”. I strongly encourage individuals to love themselves for who they are, journal to express their feelings, while also tracking your progress towards your goals.

I created Peace & Prosperity Coaching to provide a safe space for men and women to discuss challenges they are having in their personal and professional lives. We offer individual sessions and group coaching, where we help with clarity, confidence, and consistency around self-esteem and anxiety issues. I provide a safe space for individuals and couples to be vulnerable and held accountable while working on areas of our lives that we tend to avoid.

In addition to my work as a therapist and life coach, I frequently speak at local and national conferences, colleges, and mental health forums where I discuss the impacts and solutions for trauma and anxiety disorders.

How do you promote change and mental wellness in the Black community?

I promote change and mental wellness in the Black community by using my social media platform (Instagram and Facebook) to discuss various topics related to mental health weekly, Tuesdays @9pm EST. I recently hosted a webinar titled From Boys To Men, where I was joined by Dr. Eddie Connor and Joseph Barksdale, LCSW, where we discussed what our Black youth need to be successful in today’s society. Due to an overwhelming positive response, we are currently preparing for Part II of this series, which will take place Nov. 17th.

I’ve had the honor of speaking on over twenty podcasts to discuss Black mental health and wellness, specifically diving into the barriers that we face when seeking help. Most recently I have accepted the role as the Director of Player Professional Development for the North Carolina Capitals. In essence, I utilize my skillset and platform to provide hope and uplift others in the Black community. I mentor and love being able to give back and hopefully inspire others who may not see a way out of their situation.

Instagram: @jphillipsmsw

Facebook: @jphillipsmsw

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