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We Are Kicking Down the Gates of Darkness! There is a lot of shame attached to mental illness but RallyUp Magazine removes all those stigmas! It is giving people a "life line." No Shame! No Judgement! ... The ultimate guide to mental health using real people and real stories to inspire and save lives. A guide full of all resources, topics, lived stories, techniques, professional knowledge, fashion, beauty, health & wellness relevant to mental health management, improvement and overall well being. Our Special Edition: A mental health warrior zone of real people sharing their life experiences and how they have overcome, coping and most importantly...Living with their mental challenges!  


Featuring: Lex Morgan, Jaelin Westbrook and Christopher Massey


Warrior Zone Features: Dasia Wood & Vanity Dawson


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Rally Up Magazine Fall 2018

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RallyUp magazine is for all ages; faith based filled with personal stories, fashion, art, poetry, professional & health tips, beauty, relationships, a youth zone and so much more. Subscribe to notified on the latest Magazines, Articles, and News from RallyUp!

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Rally Up Magazine isn't a resource for self diagnosis. Our purpose is to be an informative resource for consumers regarding mental health.  And when you shop at Rally up,  all proceeds go back into the production of our magazine & our organization, We Fight Foundation. 

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